Gianni Fornaresio, born in Turin, started his activity in Venice.
Back in Turin, he began to collaborate with the most important italian and foreign artists (Boetti, Vedova, Munari, Veronesi, Guccione, Hofmann, Selden,...) becoming one of the most important art publisher in Italy.

Today was created the  Fornaresio Archive

In 2014 Gianni Fornaresio exhibits the series of silkscreen prints "Icons" together with a number of works created by him since the 80s. From then on, there are chalcographic works with the carborudum technique and handmade interventions made in his workshop.

Since 2016 Fornaresio has dedicated himself to a more material art inspired also by the Dadaist experience of Marcel Duchamp: the use of objects and materials taken from everyday life, expressly takes up the concept of the ready-made. 
Thanks to its experience and efficient equipment, Fornaresio uses and works autonomously materials such as tar, cement, iron and rust and makes them real masterpieces.                                                         

Lucio Fontana and Alberto Burri also fascinate the artist who reformulates spatialism in a personal key by changing techniques and materials.

In 2017 Gianni Fornaresio creates frames renamed Wall Sculpture.